architecture communication canvas for RecipeRecommender is the subdomain that displays detailed usage analytics and status information. Recently we added a table summarizing visitor and pageview statistics.

Value Proposition

Show detailed aggregate statistics of visitors and pageviews of all arc42 websites.

This information helps the arc42 contributors to understand user needs and interests.

Key Stakeholders

  • arc42 comitters
  • users of arc42 website(s)
  • web developers

Core functions

Quality Requirements

Business context

Core Decisions

  • static site generation based upon Jekyll
  • use Golang to implement statistics service, deployed on
  • Just a single (slow) API call to the site-statistics service, which collects all required data from the external APIs and renders the required HTML table. Usually requires longer than 1200msec to complete.
  • All these API calls (e.g. to, and others) could be parallelized to improve overall performance.

Components / Modules