A canvas provides a structured framework that facilitates the visualization of key elements of a system. Based upon ideas from the famous Business Model Canvas we created three different canvases to suit your current needs:

  • The “Architecture Inception Canvas” is based upon Patrick Roos’ original work “Software Architecture Canvas”, and addresses greenfield approaches to software development. Additional info here.
  • The “Architecture Communication Canvas” helps to communicate key elements of existing software architectures. Consider it to be the zip-version of conventional arc42 documentation. Addition info here.
  • Finally, the tech stack canvas is a new approach by INNOQ to have all relevant technologies of your stack documented on a single page. Document the planned technologies for a new project but also document the status quo of existing products. Highly recommended!

What is a Canvas?

An overview of canvas-types for software- and system development, and why you should care.

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Inception Canvas

Architecture Inception Canvas.
Perfect for creating and envisioning new systems from scratch.


Communication Canvas

Communicating existing architectures.
The elevator pitch of software architecture, providing the most compact way of explaining and communicating your system.